With this application you will be able to compute/estimate the area of your polygons and to add this value as part of the description of your them. Your *.kml files can contain points and paths also, but only the areas will be computed for the polygons. You can select if outputs are in international system units or british units.

  • Upload only *.kml files, the maximun file size is 500 kB (0.5MB)

Adding external data to google earth

How does it work?

The application at a first step converts the vertices from geographic to UTM coordinates, then it checks if them belong to the same zone and hemisphere, if so the area is computed using their vertices coordinate (in this way) . If the vertices are in different zones or hemispheres, an approximation is made for the computation, in that case the vertices are converted from geographic coordinates to a XY system considering the world as a perfect sphere, the radio of this sphere is obtained considering that the surface area of this sphere is the same as the surface area of the WGS84 datum ellipsoid, the errors with that approximation are lower than 1%. In the latter case in your *.kml file you will have an area tag that tells you that.

If you require more precise computations please check specialized software, we don't make resposible for the use you can give to this software neither of the consequences it can carry.

International System British System

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  • Press r key to reduce 1 decimal (rounding)
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