This application allows you to create an image gallery in Google Earth, like the ones you can find by default in the software. With few effort, you can show your photos in a beatiful way just in few minutes. The photos/pictures you can use can come from your local disk or the cloud, you only need the path or the public link of your images.

The styles for your points are the same as the ones used in the standard Kml Creator. (from 101 to 108 and from 201 to 208). And two layouts can be used to display your images. Layout 1, shows the description below the image and Layout 2, shows the description next to the image.

You can use these files to test the application. Download here.

  • Upload only *.csv files, the maximun file size is 500 kB (0.5MB)
  • Use the headers exactly as shown in the sample files.

In the next table you can see an example the way to prepare your data. You can use, images that are located on your local disk or on internet. Images on internet must have public access to be displayed.

Galeria de images en Google Earth

Geographic UTM

Layout 1 Layout 2

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