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Due to requirement of many users, here we show an application that allows you to convert autocad entities (polylines and 3dpolylines) to Google Earth Kmz files. Now you can convert easily your civil designs (roads, dams, etc) to Google Earth. By now the application lets you convert data from WGS84 coordinate system, it will be extended to allow PSAD56 during this week and later to other systems.

This application works in two steps. Step one uses an autolisp application to create a text file with data of your autocad entities, then this text file is uploaded to this application and it will create the kmz file with your data. In the application you will be asked about the coordinate system and zone of your project.

  • Create the text file with the AUTOLISP application.
  • Upload that text file to this application (Max. size 0.5MB)
  • The AUTOLISP application works properly on English version of Autocad and for metric system only.

Here you can download the AUTOLISP application.

See the video tutorial to learn more about how to use this application. Good Luck!!

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